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We uploaded version 4.0.1. You should be able to this update as soon as it is approved by apple. This version allows you to access your Spotify Premium account.

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How does looping work?

If looping is turned on, the song or selected phrase will keep playing over and over again. Press the stop button to stop playback.

How Does Count In work?

The 'Count In' functionality gives you some time to move your hands back to your instrument before play back begins. When 'Count In' is turned on, Music Trainer will play 4 beats before play back begins. The tempo of these beats is based on 2 factors.

  1. The BPM (beats per min.) of the song when played normally
  2. The current change in tempo you set using the slider on the main screen.

If Music Trainer does not know the BPM of the current song, you be will prompted to either use a default value of 80 BPM, or to "edit the BPM". Pressing the "edit BPM" button takes you to the Song Detail Screen. This screen will let you enter the BPM if you know it or use the Tap Tempo functionaity to calculate it.

Important Notes

The count in may appear off the beat.
You may notice that for some songs the count in beat seems to be a little off. No the drumer is not drunk :-) Many songs do not start on the first beat of a measure.
The count may not match the phrase tempo
Remember the count in calculated using the BPM of the song played normally. Usally this value is set to match the tempo at the begining of the song. The tempo at the begining of the song may not be the same as the tempo of your phrase. An easy way to work around this problem is to turn count in off and use looping. Use the time it takes for the first loop to complete to get ready.

How do I slow down or speed up play back?

Use the "faster" and "slower" buttons, or grab the "knob" on the slider. Move the knob to the left to slow down the tempo. Move the knob to the right to speed up the tempo

How can I adjust the volume?

2nd generation iPhones and iPod touches

You should have a volume control button on the left side of your iPod Touch. It's a physical button not a software User Interface element.

1st generations iPhones and iPod touches

These devices do not have a volume control button. A Music Trainer user reported that you can change the volume by "double click on the Touch's home button ". I have not personally been able to test this. I do not have access to a first generation device.

Trouble songs purchased from iTunes with DRM (digital rights management) and files ending in m4p

The big music labels where afraid people would steal music using online music sites like iTunes. They forced Apple to sell songs protected by DRM (digital rights management). These audio files end with "m4p" The music trainer can not play DRM protected files. see for more information about how to remove the DRM restrictions

My iPod goes to "sleep" while the app is open. Is there a way to keep the iPod "awake" while using the app?

By default your device time out / screen lock is set to 1 min. To change the time out
  1. start your phone
  2. click on the setting application icon. It is grey, looks like a gear
  3. click on the general row
  4. click on "auto lock"
  5. I have my phone set to "5 min"

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